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Operation River of Kings (Team building activity)

This activity starts as a meeting for the 40 or so delegates gathered at the hotel in Bangkok. A coffee break is taken after the first session and then the delegates settle down to listen to their management talking about the company's future. Suddenly there is a silence when the management discovers that all the company's documents are missing. The unwitting delegates are left in a state of stunned disbelief when the hotel management walks in saying that the company's confidential documents have by mistake been delivered to an unknown address and disappeared somewhere in Bangkok. There is no time to call in the police; the delegates will have to find the documents. There are boats waiting outside on the river for them.

The delegates are divided in smaller teams and each delegate gets a T-shirt with the company logo. Each team receives all the necessary information and technical details about the activity. Longtail boats with the boat drivers dressed up in T-shirts with the same company logo greet the teams by the river. During the rest of the day the teams, who have all different itineraries, will hunt the sensitive company documents by longtail along Bangkok canals. Each team has to rotate through different locations where they find activity blocks comprised of mental initiatives and physical challenges. The team will be asked to solve specific problems with a limited set of resources in a short amount of time.

The group must work as a team, communicating, planning strategies, adapting to changing situations, trusting team members and focusing their total efforts and skills in order to reach their goals successfully. The Key is for the group to realize that the problems can not be solved by any one individual, making planning, communication and appropriate leadership crucial. At the same time the delegates will discover this water borne way of life is fascination along Bangkok canals which gives a taste of a bygone era when much of the city life revolved around the river & its network of canals. In the end of the afternoon the teams will be rewarded with prizes and the tour finish with a glass of Mekhong on the Chao Phraya river before going back to the hotel.