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Group Activities

  1. The Eastern & Oriental Express - An ideal way to mark a corporate event.
  2. Walking tour in China Town, Massage at Wat Pho and picnic lunch.
  3. Elefant riding, trekking, Mountainbike and rafting.
  4. Night Safari Adventure in Kanchanaburi.
  5. Mahout Training Program - Home stay with Elephants.
  6. Traditional Cruises to Phang Nga Bay by June Bahtra.
  7. Jolly Roger Party Cruise - Join the pirate crew.
  8. Robinsson Cruise - Adventure trip to a desolated island.
  9. Thai Cooking Class.
  10. Chinese Temple Fair at Prasart Museum.
  11. The King and I - Old Siam.
  12. Thousand & 01 night in mystic Bangkok.
  13. Cocktail/Dinner at Jim Thompson Thai House in Bangkok.
  14. An evening with dinner at Prasart Museum In Bangkok.

The Eastern & Oriental Express - An ideal way to mark a corporate event

Incentives journey on the Eastern & Oriental Express is an ideal incentive or way to mark a corporate event. The Eastern & Oriental Express welcomes groups of 12 to 80 on scheduled departures, with any sector able to be booked in either direction, subject to availability. The train is also available for private charter for over 80 guests, giving you complete exclusivity. The train can be chartered to many destinations in addition to those included on our scheduled routes and also for evening dinner trips from Bangkok or Singapore. The train's maximum capacity is 132 passengers. There are innumerable ways in which an event on the E&O can be customised for you: ? Spectacular send-offs - platform receptions and banners. ? On board entertainment - fortune tellers, classical Thai dancers. ? Special arrangements - welcome cocktails, branded menus. ? Promotional materials - posters, videos, flyers.

The Eastern & Oriental Express made history as the first ever train to transport passengers directly from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok. This luxury train, first built in Japan in 1972 and operated as the Silver Star train in New Zealand, it's carriages were then remodelled and designed by G?rard Gallet - the man behind much of the design and refurbishment of both the British Pullman and the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. The inspiration for the interiors is derived from the East. The carriage walls are decorated with veneers of wooden marquetry with Eastern designs, while the bar and restaurant cars are decorated in Chinese and Thai lacquer using Malaysian motifs with Thai wall carvings and engraved mirrors. The open-deck of the Observation car also has an Oriental theme - and for much of the train local materials have been used. On board the Eastern & Oriental Express, the atmosphere harks back to a 'Colonial' age of rattan chairs on the verandah, linen suits and tea dances. The on board cuisine continues the same very high standards already established by the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express in Europe.

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Walking tour in China Town, Massage at Wat Pho and picnic lunch

We will visit Chinatown's largest and liveliest ,looking for neighbouring shops selling fruit, cakes, incense and ritual burning paper for offering at the temple. Navigating through sections where vendors purveying ready-to-eat or preserved foodstuffs, including cleaned chickens, duck and fish, shops selling dry goods, especially shoes, clothing, fabric, toys and kitchenware. We continue to Wat Pho, one of Bangkok's oldest and largest temples. Wat Pho was built by King Rama I nearly 200 years ago and houses the gigantic gold plated reclining Buddha. Wat Pho is also regarded as the first centre of public education and is sometimes called ''Thailand's First University". We will here try real Thai massage by professional staff. After the massage we will cross the road to Wangsaranarom where we will have picnic lunch in Garden. Back to the hotel by coaches.

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Elefant riding, trekking, Mountainbike and rafting

The group will be transferred to the starting point where they first will have breakfast while the instructors inform all participants about the program of the day. First we will visit an elephant camp where we learn who to ride an elephant. Later in the morning the group will go for a tour on mountain bikes and the difficulty of the tour depends on the ability of the group and what they want to see. After this exciting tour through the mountains and valleys of the beautiful country side, a lunch is being served, outside if the weather is beautiful, otherwise in a local Thai restaurant. After the lunch we will change the mountain bikes to rafts and canoes and then make a beautiful tour down the river. The group will then have a drink before going back to the hotel by coach.

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Night Safari Adventure in Kanchanaburi

Late in the afternoon you will be picked up by the guide and the tour goes to the beautiful area by the Erawan waterfall. Here you will take the elephants to the river for their evening bath. You will be able to give them a good scrub and shampoo. Enjoy the sunset and maybe have a swim with the elephants in the river Kwai Yai. When the bath is finished its time for Jungle dinner. Then the night has arrived and its time for the safari. A fantastic ride through the jungle is in front of you. This is a once in a life experience!

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Mahout Training Program - Home stay with Elephants

For those who like peaceful and natural environment but yet gain the most memorable experience, do visit the Mahout training program-homestay and you will find that your vacation is something you're longing for. An enjoyable way of relaxing in the centre and feel a touch of nature and mahout's life. Join the every activities of the mahouts such as go into the forest to bring the elephant out or ride its neck back to the forest in the evening or dine with the mahout's family and taste the local food. Talking around the camp fire and feel relax by watching the stars at night. A best place for those who want to have a new experience in learning about the everyday's life of the mahouts and their best friends, the elephants.

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Traditional Cruises to Phang Nga Bay by June Bahtra

This day tip will offer you the unique opportunity to discover Phang Nga Bay on board on a traditional Junk: The June Bahtra. The Ao Phang-Nga province is located over 95 km from Phuket in a area which is quite scenic - lots of limestone, cliffs, odd rock formations, island that rise out of the sea like inverted mountains, mot to mention caves and quaint fishing villages. Lay back on the comfortable deck in the shadow of the sun and let the Thai crew take you for a one day tour to the this fabulous archipelago. One of the most famous island is the James Bond Island from the 007 film The Man with the Golden Gun. We will take a ride in a private longtail boat through the labyrinthine waterways and visit the fascinating world of the Mangrove Swamp and a series of caves dripping with gigantic stalactites. The lunch will be served on board the June Bahtra.

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Jolly Roger Party Cruise - Join the pirate crew

Be a bit of a pirate and join the Jolly Roger pirate crew aboard the junk style pirate vessel for a full day out in Phang Nga Bay with games, entertainment, rope swinging, beach BBQ and great music & fun. A lunch buffet is inclusive as well as round trip transport. Presently 2 itineraries, one to Phang Nga Bay and one to Racha Island.

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Robinsson Cruise - Adventure trip to a desolated island

We will leave Koh Sukorn in the morning all packed up, in our long-tail boats, with the gear we need to take this adventures over night trip to Koh Takieng. We are braking the waters and small water-drops flies through the air , sparkling like diamonds when the sun cuts through. The only sound chasing us, is the sound from the motor of the long-tail boat. But this seems very natural now and soon you hardly hear it any moor. The beauty of the bleu waters and the sun, gives you a time to enjoy and be preoccupied with your own thoughts. You wake up as we are to go ashore at the island of Lao Lieng, you hear the boat slides up on the sand, and now you have time for some water activities as snorkelling or look around to find some fisherman's huts on the beach. Maybe you just want to be lazy.

After a time of leisure it is time to move on to Koh Takieng. This island is sitting there out in the ocean, inhabited and where very few people ever gets to. Well for the rest of the day, this paradise is yours and the night as well. Upon arrival we have to empty our boats, and carry up our camping gear. We will set up the camp, and pick up drift wood for the bonfire for the coming evening. This will also serve as your stove, where the catch of the day will be fried and prepared for dinner. Mosquito-nets, sleeping-bags and toiletry everything in its place, and you are now ready to explore. Coral reefs you just have been dreaming of, an underwater experience you will never forget, the sunlight braking through the waters, the beautiful colors of fishes and under water plants. Spire fishing, swimming, diving or just sun-tanning on the beach. A dream day. It will soon be time for dinner, and a cool drink around the bonfire, sharing this day tails and time with good friends. Your shower for to night, is the ocean and no modern facilities, but a wonderful night where the stars are the only lights you will spot in miles. The next morning you wake up to the smell of coffee and fried eggs--, more activities before you will have to pack the camp and start the trip back to Koh Sukorn. You will arrive around 2pm. In time for lunch.

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Thai Cooking Class

As the Thai kitchen is increasing in popularity we now provide cooking class for those who are interested to add more flavour to their holiday itinerary. Classes are given in groups of max. 16 pax and normally only on Saturdays and Sundays at a seaside venue. The course includes all facets of the Thai kitchen including appetisers, soups & salads, main courses, seafood and desserts. Each aspirant cook is given an English manual with every recipe clearly described as well as professional suggestions how to replace herbs and items that are not found in your home country. The course starts at 09:30 till 13:30 and includes a lunch and round trip transport to and from the venue.

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Chinese Temple Fair at Prasart Museum

It is located at 9 Krungthep Kritha Road Soi 4, Bang Kapi. The museum houses a vast collection of artifacts from pre-historic through Rattanakosin periods. Various styles of architecture, for example, a baroque building, a smaller version of the Red Palace in Bangkok National Museum, and an imitation of Ho Phra of Wat Yai Suwannaram, are scattered within the museum complex. Be transported back in time to when the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Middle ruled this empire. The clients will arrive by coaches to the museum dressed up with traditional Chinese uniforms. Through "Gate of Heaven" your clients feel they enter the 'Forbidden City". A Lavish Chinese / International Buffet will satisfy even the most demanding palate.

Whilst your customers enjoy sampling the exquisitely displayed Chinese delicacies, local artisans display their skills and artworks. Sakura and lotus flower arrangements with candle, surrounded by magnificent replicas of Chinese Temples and pagodas, illuminated exotic plants throughout the dining area room Gong display Rickshaw display. The clients will be entertained by calligraphy, palm reading, wood carving, umbrella painting, Kim and Angalong music, dance aerobatics performance will dragon dance as a highlight and an international band to entertain 3 sets @ 45 minutes

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The King and I - Old Siam

Take a step back in time, through the stage gateway of ancient Ayudhaya and experience the glorious traditions of Thailand's rich heritage. Coaches will pick up the customers at the hotel and bring them to Ban Kamthieng. This is an old house, originally constructed in Chiang Mai more than 200 years ago and donated to the Siam Society by its owners and reconstructed in Bangkok. A very large variety of Thai flora and fauna can be seen in the garden of the house. The guest will be welcomed by graceful dancers form an exotic tapestry of colour and movement while friendly artisans display their traditional crafts. Savour a wide selection of Thai cuisine, presented in an old market setting. Enjoy trying the speciality dishes of each region of Thailand along with international favourites. After dinner, your customers will dance the night away to all their old, and new favourites.

Table toll decoration : White table cloth with traditional Thai table runner, Chair cover with Thai bow tie at the back, Isaan cloth napkin and bamboo and orchid flower arrangements on each table. Entrance and dining room decoration: Two giant ancient, stone carved Elephant heads next to pillars and jungle trees, huge backdrop of an ancient city skillfully illuminated and decorated with water ponds and plants ,trees and bushes are scattered all over the function room mystically illuminated. All customers are greeted with traditional neck garland , dry ice to greet the customers upon discovering the "Ancient City"

All employees and customers will wear traditional Isaan style uniform. Traditional Angalong music to greet customers upon arrival, Kim music to entertain customers during dinner, traditional Thai dances from the four regions of Thailand to Entertain customers. Fruit and vegetable carving demonstration.

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Thousand & 01 night in mystic Bangkok

No magic carpet is required to transport your guests to the exotic Middle Eastern souk that is so colourfully arranged around the outdoor pool and garden terrace. Market stalls feature handmade sweets and handicrafts while our waiters dressed in bright turbans and harem pants mingle with the party. The entertainment has an eastern flavour. Dinner is a delicious buffet of Turkish, Lebanese and Greek dishes, served under the stars with a luxurious tent canopy as a backdrop. At the entrance there will be an Oasis with water ponds and palm trees. In the centre is an Arabian / Persian tent laid out with carpets and rugs, kilims and copper ware. There are also sand dunes with Palm trees to be placed around the dining area. All staff wear turbans and caftans. During the dinner there will be traditional Arab music with belly dancer who performs two of 20 minuets. Snake charmer and international band to entertain customers.

Cocktail/Dinner at Jim Thompson Thai House in Bangkok

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An evening with dinner at Prasart Museum In Bangkok

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