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Combining physical, mental & leadership Challenges

  1. Treasure Hunt in Bangkok.
  2. Operation River of Kings.
  3. Treasure Hunt on Elephants and Water Buffalo.
  4. Jeep Rally.
  5. The Beach.

This treasure hunting is a real adventure where the group will make plenty of sports and learn many things about history and culture in Thailand and the participants must not be afraid of getting wet! During the day, the participants will have at least three different activities as for example canoeing, elephant trekking and riding on Water Buffalo.


The challenges are designed to test physical and mental abilities as well as leadership qualities.

We offer a wide range of management and organization development programs designed to excite and challenge participants and provide endless analogies for the business environment. PCE Travel Consultants tailor makes the program to meet any groups specific needs.

The group will be divided into working teams of 10-15 participants with each team rotating through activity blocks comprised of mental initiatives and physical challenges. The group will be asked to solve specific problems with a limited set of resources in a short amount of time. The group must work as a team, communicating, planning strategies, adapting to changing situations, trusting team members and focusing their total efforts and skills in order to reach their goals successfully. The key is for the group to realise that their problems can not be solved by any one individual, making planning, communication and appropriate leadership crucial.

This type of training will focus a group on a challenging mixture of structured indoor and outdoor Initiative Problem Solving activities. The benefit of the program comes from the facilitated discussions that take place after each activity. These forums are a valuable learning tool through which the team assesses their processes and outcomes, shares their ideas and thoughts, and explores their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, our international facilitation team is committed to providing your group with the opportunity to transfer these concepts back to your organization, effectively bringing the team concept alive where it counts-in your business.