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PCE Travel Consultants

Since the founding of PCE Travel in 1996, we have had only one purpose, to provide the best product and service to all our customers. We put together programs built on the nature of your request along with culture, natural resources, architecture, people, cuisine, and all the smiles from our wonderful part of the World.

For you, who are looking for something different, something special, PCE Travel can help you. We are constantly looking for new things and experiences that you do not find other places. After several years in Thailand with an office in Central Bangkok, we know Thailand very well. Both the well known and the unknown, the ordinary and the extraordinary and as a Scandinavian company with both Thais and Scandinavians in the office, we are able to combine all the possibilities. PCE Travel offers a very professional, warm and personal service.

During the last years as PCE Travel has existed in Thailand, the country has become a dream destination for many people. A lot of repeat travelers, back to the warmth, the feeling and the chance of a complete different kind of holiday. Romantic, tough challenges, meditation and spa. The girls club, the golf friends, the backpackers, the enthusiastic families and the people spending the winter in Thailand. Conferences and seminars, the number of incentive groups have increased lately. This is not so strange, thinking about the wide choice of unique combinations and a great value holiday.

A hotel booking for two persons or a gigantic arrangement for hundreds of people, PCE Travel cares about the clients no matter the size of the group. No requests are too small or unattainable and only the fantasy sets the limit for what we together with the client can arrange.

We of course know Thailand like the back of one’s hand and have excellent contacts on most popular destinations. It is also very nice to visit the “unknown and unseen Thailand”, at least for the time being. We did not find the places by accident, but a lot of traveling around this fantastic country full of culture, adventure and relaxation.

We are also updating the information on our website and continuously improving our computer- and booking-system, your extra tool and guide whenever people asking about Thailand. Kindly see www.pcetravel.com

We also share a conviction that as world travelers we have a responsibility as individuals and as a company with respect to positive social and environmental change. We are committed to responsible travel that promotes understanding of and helps conserve cultural and natural environments.

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