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Event Activities

Why just have a regular Event when you can have a Themed Event? PCE can take your guests on a magical journey that transports them to another place and another time by pooling the efforts of bringing you one unforgettable extravaganza!

A Themed Event can begin from the moment your guests get off the plane and can continue right up until their departure at the airport! We all come together to stage a High Voltage package that will transform any site or venue into a magical place of your creation.

We can help you find the perfect time and place for your message, plan an opening night icebreaker, an interactive entertainment program, a team building competition or a Total Theme Experience that lasts for a brief moment or for days! Themed Events are so much fun to plan and execute for us that they are one of the primary reasons PCE was founded in the first place! Our clients love them and so will your guests.

Team Building Activities
PCE Travel can offer activities on different levels, such as

  1. Operation River of Kings' Team building activity
  2. Ice Breaker Level
  3. Combining physical, mental & leadership Challenges
  4. Community Service
  5. Group physical Challenges
  6. Group Activities