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Ice Breaker Level

We will organise outside set-up, around the swimming pool. We will use sun-beds for the set-up, with umbrella, pool towels and so on; it will be a very relax. The coffee break will be served at the wet-set bar swimming pool; requiring all participants to go in to swimming pool to enjoy the coffee break. (The conference dress code shall then be swimming-wear, T-shirt). The lunch set-up will be as well around the pool where all participants will seat on cushion and lunch on low tables, facing the pool. The food and beverages will be served by our staff from the inside of the pool, using a boat.

The Icebreaker programs provide the ideal way to kick off a meeting or conference, as well as a perfect way to energize weary delegates. Icebreakers are designed for 1-2 hours and is tailored to meet your group?s needs. The programs will lead your group in activities designed to break down social barriers and allow people to get to know each other better during this upbeat and energetic program. We offer a wide range of exercises designed to let individuals from different groups / departments / countries within a given organization get to know each other. The exercises are also designed to let the participants have fun.

Icebreakers is an ideal program to include in any conference. The program is flexible and appropriate for any time during your conference as a seminar kick-off, midday to break the monotony of all day meetings, as a closing to your program, or even during your evening dinner.

  1. The net of holes - get each member of the team through a hole.
  2. The leaking pipe - get the tennis ball to float out.
  3. The pole & tyres - remove the tyres from a 4 meter pole.
  4. The human bridge - carry human cargo across the swimming pool.
  5. Thai fan painting - traditional Thai art as teamwork.
  6. Conference in the swimmingpool.
  7. T-shirt Painting - a great way to personalize your wardrobe.
  8. Batik Painting - discover a useful new art.
  9. Traditional Thai Massage - learn how it's done.
  10. Basic Thai Dance - taught by a trained dancer.
  11. Thai Cooking Class - the ins and outs of one the worlds most popular cuisine.
  12. Meditation Courses - discover the inner peace of Buddhist monks.